"Together we take a tiny step forward, leave a tiny mark, and make a giant leap towards a better future."

A bamboo pacifier in nature from TinyMark

Leave a TinyMark

We might look tiny, we might be tiny. Despite that, we dream like giants. 

TinyMark stands for a tiny mark. The possibility to minimize the negative impact that we have on the environment, climate and health. We make a difference.

We at TinyMark realize that it is difficult to stop using plastic. But by making better & healthier products, more sustainable than the existing ones, we bring you alternatives. 

Our Mission

With a hope that our actions today make a difference tomorrow. We started TinyMark to make an impact.

We want to reduce plastic waste.

We want to reduce the human footprint in the environment.

We want to contribute towards a better future.

When we all start taking tiny steps in the right direction, those steps will have a huge impact. Instead of filling our oceans with more and more plastics, as our legacy to future generations, we will only leave a tiny mark.

Slowly these tiny steps will add up and we will make a Giant Leap Towards a Better Future.

TinyMark, the goat tiny Mark
TinyMarks journal

Our Journey

Our journey began with a wish. A wish to make a more sustainable & healthier pacifier for all the babies/young children out there.

Our first product, the bamboo pacifier, is only the beginning. It is the first tiny step on our journey.

As a wise man ones said: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". - Lau Tzu