What to call the bamboo pacifier

Hello, again everybody!

Your favorite goat is back 🐐🙏🥳

Yep, as the title says, I had to think for a long time before I decided to just say "bamboo pacifier". In the beginning I wanted a cool and unique name for it. 
Like Bacifier (bamboo + pacifier), or Wacifier (wood + pacifier).

I also looked at different variations of pacifier.
Apparently, there is all kind of names for pacifiers. Here below is a list of names and where they originate from;

1. Pacifier - American origin, also the most popular name for pacifiers internationally.
2. Soother - Canadian origin
3. Dummy - Australian/British origin
4. Binky - American origin
5. Comforter - American origin

These five are the most common ones, but there are more than 100+ nicknames and different words for pacifiers out there.

Who knows, maybe it will get its own nickname in time. 🥳
Do you have any cute or cool nicknames for a pacifier??

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