Why Goats don't eat plastic. And why that goes without saying.

Yep, you guessed right. I'm back again with another strange post. 

But hear me out.📣  This is good to know. Goats don't eat plastic. So why should you and our babies?? 🤷

You have probably seen biodegradable labelled on plastic things and been like "wow, this is pretty crazy. Biodegradable plastic, the future is here!

Well, it is only biodegradable in an industrial facility, and it is still not that great (we're coming back to that). So if you ever drop plastic like that in nature, it stays in nature. 

And what about the recyclable plastic? Every company brags about it today...
Sure, you can reuse. Yeaay🥳, or whatever. STILL BAD! Even if you can reuse plastic, it is still bad. And you are eating it! Even a goat wouldn't do that. 🐐 😂 

When you drink coffee from a single use paper-cup, 5-10% of it is plastic film. 

Research have shown that 25,000 micro-sized badass micro plastic particles are released if you have 100ml of hot liquid (85-90ºC) in the cup. Add this daily micro plastic drinking up in a few years and you have eaten a whole meal of plastic. 😫
And this is from a product most people believe is non-plastic. Trust me, the plastic ones are way worse. 

Some research suggest people consume as much as 5g of plastic every week. Meaning you guys are basically eating four credit cards every month. That would be 240g plastic every year. Crazy huh 👀

One of the reasons I got into pacifiers. Was because I saw all the human babies chewing on plastic. How can a spices be that stupid? I thought. But hey, I still wanna help you out. So thank me. 🐐 ✌️

Research have shown that bottle feed babies swallows millions of micro plastics every day. 
I even have a cool graf to show you guys. Don't worry, I didn't do it myself, I stole it 🐼. 


This is a serious problem and we need to make people aware if this. Help yourself, help your friend, and help your frenemies (they might be your friends one day).

Stop using plastic, don't believe biodegradable or recyclable plastic is good. Be a Goat 🐐. Do like I always do. Choose wisely, choose wood. 


Bottle Feed babies:

Credit card a week 

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