The World's First Bamboo


The World's First Bamboo Pacifier

Two bamboo pacifiers on a bridge
Two bamboo pacifiers

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Pacifiers

Winner of the award "Best New Sustainable Product 2021" at EcoLife Scandinavia. It is the only pacifier your baby needs.

Sustainable, eco-friendly, plastic-free & good-looking. What more can you ask for? 

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Made in Sweden

A sustainable pacifier in nautre

Leave a Tiny Mark

No one can do everything. But everyone can do something.

We stand for a tiny mark. The choice to minimize the negative impact we have on the environment, climate, and health.

We are not perfect, yet we do our best to make sure our products only leave a tiny mark on the environment. 


Your Purchase Makes a Difference

For every TinyMark product out there, the chance of plastic ending up in nature decrease.

The risk of your baby getting any microplastic inside the body goes to zero.

By switching to healthy & eco-friendly products, your purchase takes us a tiny step in the right direction.

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Six pictures of babies using a bamboo pacifier from TinyMark

Pacifier Sterilizer

Within 2 minutes it will sterilize your pacifier with UV light and remove 99.99% of all the viruses and germs.

No more boiling water.
No more burned fingers.
No more risk of bacteria.

The modern age has arrived to ease your life.
Perfect when you are outdoors. You're welcome!

Fun fact; To boil 1 Liter of water takes the same amount of energy as using the TinyBox 100 times. Cool right?

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TinyMarks TinyBox, a pacifier sterilizer

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