The World's First Bamboo


The World's First Bamboo Pacifier

Four logotypes about eco-friendly and sustainable products
Two bamboo pacifiers

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Pacifiers

Since the pacifier is made out of bamboo, your baby won't swallow any microplastics while using it.

Go healthy, Go Bamboo! 

Leave a Tiny Mark

No one can do everything. But everyone can do something.

We stand for a tiny mark. The choice to minimize the negative impact we have on the environment, climate, and health.

We are not perfect, yet we do our best to make sure our products only leave a tiny mark on the environment. 

A sustainable pacifier in nautre

Your Purchase Makes a Difference

For every bamboo pacifier out there, the chance of plastic pacifiers ending up in nature decrease.

The risk of your baby getting any microplastic inside the body goes to zero.

By switching to healthy & eco-friendly products, your buy takes us a tiny step in the right direction.

TinyFamily Subscription

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Six pictures of babies using a bamboo pacifier from TinyMark

How Does it Work?

Pick your size

Choose the right size for your baby. Don't worry! It's super easy to change as they grow older! 

As often as you like

Tell us how often you want your pacifiers, and we’ll deliver them straight to your door.

We do the rest

It doesn't get easier. We will remind you before each shipment. You can rest easy knowing your pacifiers are on their way.

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